To be presented to the Presidency of Turkish Republic and Ministry of Culture and Tourism,

As one of the, historically and culturally, most important cities of the world, DİYARBAKIR, has been contributing a lot to the civilization development of humankind, with the help of the productions of the societies emerging around and in its surrounding geography. Diyarbakır City Walls, accepted as one of the most essential of these contributions, is a common heritage, not only for the people in the city, but also for all humanity, via its historical testimony. As being a common heritage for all humanity, protecting the city walls as a present for the future generations, is a humanitarian responsibility and duty.

The city walls, ready to share its secret, should be embraced, protected and restored appropriately and the ravages on them should end up.

For the very first step, I demand the year 2013 be The Year of Diyarbakır City Walls, in order to increase the level of embracement and attention first for our city, our country and the whole world.